Aaron Scott

I would just like to say how wonderful your team have been to deal with. The contacts you have put me on to Lawyers, accountant etc have also been a breeze to deal with it and made things so simple.

Pauline, Auckland

(Nikki) I really appreciated speaking with you, and have come away really excited about the future. You are quite an inspiration, which I’m sure you know, but wanted to express…

Things are underway, and I’m sure I will be well guided, and have confidence in Propellor and the wider crew looking out for my daughter's and my own future! Thanks very much, once again!

C. S.

Thank you once again for the time, professionalism, sensitivity and understanding you showed me today.

I look forward to beginning this journey towards financial independence with you and your team and cannot truly express the feeling of hope I had after leaving your office.

Corny as it may sound, meeting you has become the high of my year of self discovery.

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Steve Vincent - Propellor Property Investments Testimonial

Max Oakley - Propellor Property Investments Testimonial


Thank you very much for your frank and honest discussion today. Amanda-Jane and I both discussed how this simple meeting with you today has changed our future, our children's future.

Shannon Kukard - Propellor Property Investments Testimonial

G.N. Geraldine - Propellor Property Investments Testimonial

"Just like to say that we too want a long term relationship and appreciate all the info and help you have given us so far. This concept is totally new to us yet you guys are very experienced to it so am relying on Propellor to help us reach our long term goal. Financially secure in our retirement years. This is a great start I think."

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Ian and Heather Cadwallader - Propellor Property Investments Testimonial

"Thank you for your efforts to help us acquire an investment property.

We had no idea that at our time of life and taking into account our financial situation, an investment property was even remotely possible, until we read the Propeller Properties brochure which prompted a meeting with you; after which we realised property investment plans could also be of great benefit to younger couples wanting to secure their future.

At our first meetings with both you and John we were very pleased to have everything explained to us so clearly especially the fact that it was possible to set up an investment property, rent it and have it managed without any pressure or hassle for us, but ensuring future gains and security in our senior years by using the equity in our own home. So we agreed to taking the next step which was for you to find properties that match our criteria as determined by a financial analysis. 

We appreciated the trouble you went to in arranging for us to view two properties, also setting up appointments for us with a mortgage broker and an accountant at no expense to us…

…it has been made very clear to us how your company could help some people in our position or similar circumstances and we would not hesitate to recommend Propeller Properties to friends or relations who were thinking of investing in the property market."