Can I purchase a property with no deposit?

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Yes – you can purchase an investment property without a deposit by utilising some of the equity you have in your own home, or in another property that you own. You are only guaranteeing the deposit portion of your investment property, and if you don’t have any equity in your own home, you can always have somebody else guarantee a portion of their equity towards your investment.

Where does propellor find its investment properties?

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Propellor Properties is wholly independent, which means we are not aligned to any developer, nor any development. We source real estate through lawyers providing real estate services who are provided with our 21 point investment criteria. These lawyers ask developers to only offer those properties that meet these criteria. These properties can be anything from free-standing houses, apartments, units and town houses. Based on your personalised investment strategy, we identify for you those properties that would help you achieve your financial goals and have our chartered accountant prepare conservative ten year projections on these properties showing expected outgoings, income and tax savings.

How can I be assured that the property is built right?

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We like to work with developers that offer a Master Build guarantee on their products. It is important to us that the developers we work with have been around for a long time, they have an excellent reputation and they build a quality product.

We also identify properties that are very straight-forward in design and are built from high quality, low maintenance, permanent materials that will stand the test of time.

For each property we identify as matching your criteria, we prepare a comprehensive property pack that summarises the property specifications, plans, elevations, rental appraisals and independent valuations, which the developer has provided to us - so you know exactly what you are getting. We are happy for you to have a third party review this information.

How does Propellor get paid?

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Our services are completely FREE to you. In fact, we don’t handle any of your money at all. We simply get paid by the developer once you have decided to purchase a property.

Can I buy an investment property in New Zealand if I am not a New Zealander or don't live in the country?

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Yes – we can certainly help people from overseas purchase an investment property in New Zealand. It is quite straight-forward and we have helped a lot of overseas investors purchase investment properties in New Zealand.

The rules for Stamp Duty and Capital Gains tax are the same for an overseas investor as they are for any New Zealander. We do recommend that you seek independent professional advice from a Solicitor, Accountant, and a Valuer.

Having a chattel valuation done prior to purchasing an investment property is an important part of the taxation process.

We also recommend that you engage the services of a professional property manager so you can be assured that inspections are being regular performed on your investment properties, and you are being provided with the appropriate reports.

Does Propellor offer investment properties with any guaranteed rentals?

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Due to our reputation and experience, we have access to a wide range of fantastic rental investment properties throughout New Zealand. Some of these properties are guaranteed to be rented for up to 15 years by the New Zealand Government.

For the investor – they can be assured of no vacancy and they are guaranteed a weekly income – we think that is smart investing!

How do I know what the investment will cost me every year?

{module FAQ - How do I know what the investment will cost}

At absolutely no cost to you, we arrange for comprehensive 10 year cashflow projections to be prepared on the properties that we identify as matching your criteria. This allows you to see exactly what the likely income and outgoings are going to be on that property over that 10 year period.

Am I paying a premium on the investment property for the Propellor service?

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Any properties offered to you are based on a requirement that is the best price possible on every property that is made available to you. In fact you could not get these properties any cheaper - and we stake our reputation on that.

Often there are other advantages relating to that property purchase– such as guaranteed rentals, and even cash-back payments to help pay your bills.